Stepping down as admin by MLR

Well, I've been doing this admin thing at Weasyl for about 4 years now, but unfortunately the time has come for me to resign and start acting like a normal user of the site.

Fact is, I'm in the last year of graduate school, and so I need to both work hard to finish up my thesis on time, get prepped to defend it, and apply for postdoc positions (the latter of which start being posted in September). Given that, even though admin-ing on Weasyl has been a lot of fun, I need to let it go and focus on getting ready for the rest of my life, in so many words.

In all honesty, I probably held on to my admin position a little too long. It's always a bit hard to let go of one's rituals; in this case, logging on to the staff IRC channels almost every night to work through the list of open tickets and shoot the shit with the rest of the staff members, having weekly staff meetings on Saturday mornings, and so on and so forth. I really liked working with everyone here, so I kind of didn't want to give it up.

But in the end, you've got to prioritize, and in my case it's a no-brainer. Obviously earning my PhD and finding a job is number one. So even though it makes me sad, this was really the only course of action I could take.

Regardless, I'll still be using Weasyl to upload art (and maybe writing again, eventually), so everyone will still be seeing me around here.

Stepping down as admin


17 July 2016 at 21:58:22 MDT

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    I sadly came to that same realization while I was out of wifi for that long month and several days...weeks. Long time. So I definitely understand your feelings on letting it go. It's a bit bittersweet.

    Go get that PhD!!!! ^___^

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      You bet, MC.

      And it's too bad you couldn't stick around longer, yourself. You made a wonderful addition to the team.

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        I wish for that as well.. I just have no time left over working this job into the evening... I get home after 8pm, and I just have nothing left in me anymore T___T

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          Hopefully that's not a permanent thing. I personally couldn't deal with a job that made me work until 8 PM every day. It's not good for mental or physical health.
          Regardless, I can totally understand why you'd have to resign as a mod because of that.

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    Thanks for all you've done!

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      It has been my pleasure to volunteer, really. I kind of love this website.

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    I want to give my thanks for volunteering your time and work for Weasyl and good luck pursuing the PhD.

    On that note, any ideas for your PhD thesis?

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      The thesis is actually nearly complete. I just need to finish the introduction and the final chapter still (and the intro is about 2/3 done right now).