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Busy Busy by Zalcoti

I got a new job (finally) and picked up subscription classes at Schoolism. I'm also halfway done writing the main portions of Red Straggler. Too bad Monster Hunter Generations will blow that out of the water this weekend! If it isn't too hot, I'll be writing in between the game. Gotta hit my goaaaaal. All of August will be devoted to learning, finding an art style for Red Straggler, and catching up on stuff! By the time I end my 4th class, I should be good to go with final pages of Red probably beginning of winter? Middle of winter? It really depends on how far I get with the sketching and layout of the actual pages. Would be nice for it to be in winter since my room is nice and cold then and won't overtax my system (like now in this hellish high humidity and high temperatures...). My tablet comes in handy for online searches and reading, just not for writing. No keyboard, no way.

The List

  • Schoolism Classes! Gotta learn it all~
  • Finish first pass of Red Straggler. Take a month break. Polish off writing and jump into story-boarding September.
  • Catching up on owed art and hopefully finish so all time is devoted to storytime.
    • Jackalope for Andigreyscale top priority
    • Continue drawing the redo of Pary and Bert's Wild Adventure

Busy Busy


12 July 2016 at 22:33:39 MDT

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    I am jealous! How is schoolism so far? If I ever have the cash for it I'd jump right in.

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      It's really nice so far. I started out with Drawing Fundamentals and will just keeping going with fundamental stuff from there to build a better base. I checked out some of the other instructors' work and damn. There are some quality people teaching.

      They had a summer sale for subscriptions so I jumped for it. They have about two sales a year for that part of the website. I suggest doing that if you were going for it. Their classes with feedback are expeeeensive though but totally worth it from what I see in the past critiques. But the other way is cheaper and lasts a whole year and you get to see previous critiques. Drawing Fundamentals has like..105 past videos to watch each at least 10 minutes long.

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    Noice. good luck with all that business!