1 More Week Left of the Iron Artist Event by danneroni

Hey guys! A few updates. If you wanted to snatch up any cheap art from me, now would be the time. I am going to close everything in a week since I am going to the east coast to visit my partner again in August.

So here's some sappy life stuff:
Every commission I have gotten so far has been incredibly helpful. Right now I am making everything off of art, and each commission I get is going into my savings to move out of my current environment.
However, I still have quite a bit to save up before I can take action, pack up shit and go. Because of that, I'm thinking of getting another job now, which means artwork and fursuit output will be a lot slower.

TL;DR: Right now is the prime time to commission me, because I may never have this much free time again as I start taking steps in other directions~

Here's the Iron Artist Commission Info:


Thanks for reading!

1 More Week Left of the Iron Artist Event


12 July 2016 at 20:06:55 MDT

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