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Heyas folks. This is a mix of a life update and some questions I have for everyone...

  • KainCon and my meets. Then and now.

Birthday on the 22nd, and having one of my local house meets for the furs/friends in area. A lot who come to it now I've only known or seen around past couple years but even they are starting to call my meets “KainCon”. Which is amusing since its about the size of the ones I first did back in the mid 90's (30-40 people)... And it got me thinking - “Who is still around that used to come to the first/original ones that happened once a year that had folks from the country (and sometimes the world) show up?” Are they even still around (be it online, in the fur fandom... or alive period.) The first one happened in 1996 after I graduated from high school and was doing a big party on my last planned summer vacation. Folks then asked “SO when is the next one” “Next one?”... And a tradition started that lasted until 2007 or so. Would it ever be worth it to try to revive that style of a KainCon again? I mean we got lots of furry cons to hit and meet folks at, much more ways to stay in touch online, and the folks from the first KainCon's are 10-20+ years older and busy with jobs and other stuff to make it harder I feel to get the exact same group back together at my house. The house I live in now is double the square footage of where the first KainCon's happened, but still pricey to fly to someone house IMHO heh.

  • Yerf; the reunion.

Man this year and some of last year has been quite a trip running into a lot of faces I grew up with when Yerf/The Squeaky-Clean Furry Archive was new. Back then I had a job and lived with parents so I was commissioning a lot of artists on Yerf and making a lot of cool friends. Including the owner of the site, Kilo/Ratman. I lost touch with many of them when started my 2nd college in 2002, and the site also was shut down. AN archive form of the site is up NOW, but no contact info on where those artists are these days. Lately, I have been able to run into Kilo/Ratman, Warskunk, Catnel, Kompy, Terry “Mouse” Sender, Digo Raccoon, TKDye, many others I haven't seen around in years. Makes me wonder where the others from the site are these years, and... If anyone has tried to make a site or thing to help old Yerf artists and regulars be able to post their current contact info and help get back in touch with folks they lost touch with? Much what or Facebook is used for to help get your old high school groups back in touch for reunions (My 20th year reunion is this year, oi!). If nobody has, I may want to try to make such a thing and pimp it out. I feel it would be a good tool for the older farts of the furry fandom.

  • BronyCon; Friendship is the key

OK, BronyCon happened last weekend and its 1.5 hours away from me on average. I haven't been since 2013 and not felt much connection wit that fandom. I went last second for a day this year cause old friends like Warskunk Catnel and BadgerBen were going. Being around them made the con experience SIGNIFICANTLY more positive and wanting to go again next year as long as I got friends like that to be around. I think the show's OK, I definitely dig the characters and the style a bit and the sheer amount of inspiration the show has given folks to sing draw or craft awesome stuff. But I know basically no friends in that fandom besides a few I can count on a hand. So I hope to meet some new folks through old friends and see if that works.

Art Galleries

OK. As I stated on FA earlier that I am no longer actively posting new works I get made or I draw myself to there and supporting other art sites. What I didn't mention is I have had an art gallery of my own with my older commissions from before 2005 on my server (yeah, is still up just only hosting my own stuff these years). I recently got a newer, better gallery engine I am using that can let folks choose to see NSFW galleries and also comment on stuff if they want. The direct link to that gallery (still in the works) is:

I plan to upload everything I have drawn or had commissioned/given to me on there, as well as stuff from my other hobbies (cars and guns and camping). For those of you who I have commissioned back then, would you be cool with me telling folks in your galleries on there where you are online these days?

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