Pulse-Pounding Patreon Page Permutations! by Paul Lucas

Hope that headline was clickbaity enough =p

Anyway, I'm changing things on my Patreon Page (https://www.patreon.com/paullucas) a bit, basically eliminating the $5/me tier, which allowed patrons sneak peaks at exclusive writing content as well as discount coupons for various ebooks. I'm stripping that i to $3 tier instead, so for just $3/mo, patrons get access to BOTH art and writing perks.

The reason is that when I first started this, I thought I would be able to devote more time to developing my digital painting skills, and would be able to supply both tiers with a steady supply of bonus material. however, as I've fallen behind on a whole bunch of project, the art's fallen on the wayside. I've been able to post at least some writing most months. But art, not so much. So to make sure patrons get more bang for their buck, I'll just combine the two into one tier.

So people who are patrons, or who want to become one, for $3/mo, you will not only get exclusive art and sneak peaks at ebook covers, but also short stories, sneak peaks at first drafts of upcoming books, and discount coupons for my ebooks. Just added in the past few weeks is the bonus short story "Game Night" included THE COLLECTED HOT DRAGON GIRLS Vo. 1, a first-draft sneak peak at the upcoming erotica ebook HOT GOBLIN GIRLS 3, as well as $2.00 off coupon for the aforementioned THE COLLECTED HOT DRAGON GIRLS Volume 1, good until August 10, 2016!

For the one person who did become a $5/mo patron, thank you! I appreciated it very much, but no worries if you want to contribute less now.

And of course, if people want to, contributions of any amount are always welcome.

Link to the page is below. Thanks!


-- PL

Pulse-Pounding Patreon Page Permutations!

Paul Lucas

12 July 2016 at 10:35:31 MDT

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