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Happy Independence Day!! by CreaturLover355

Happy Independence Day, America!!!
I hope you, your families, and friends will have great time today.

Also, be careful while handling fireworks and pyrotechnics. Don't get burned or hold explosives in your hand, around your face or body. Also, Don't use them under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

And on that note, please be considerate of the people around you or in your neighbourhood.

You can have family, friends, and neighbours that can be very ultra sensitive to certain loud sounds, such as fireworks, gun fire, or explosions.

Troops that are just freshly back from combat over seas and Veterans are on top of the list. These folks can suffer a scary condition called PTSD

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a condition that causes the the sufferer to re-live the worst and horrific memories in the their minds and body. PTSD activates when extremely loud and certain sounds, lights, and smells are sensed by the brain. The sufferer can feel like their right back at that certain place and time, such as in close combat, artillery fire, bombs dropping from the sky, and from low flying military aircraft. The symptoms of PTSD can be so real to them, that it makes them think that someone is out to get them and or kill them.

So, if you have a family member or friend that suffers from PTSD, have a plan set up, so you can help keep them comfortable during this holiday or have a alternative place to take them that is quiet where they can't hear fireworks.

Tips from my own personal experience, if you are jumpy of firework explosions, keep a pair of sound cancelling headphones at hand. Or when you know fireworks are being shot, find a place in your home or place that you are at, listen to your favorite music or listen to movies that have constant background and foreground sounds to help drown out the sounds from outside. Or if it is a hot night, turn your A/C on or a fan to also add to the mix to help black out the fireworks.

Also be considerate about your pets this independence day as well. They have higher sense of hearing than us humans. Please keep your pet indoors and place them in a room that is the most quiet or sound proof. Also, put some music or the tv on for them to help keep them calm. Or if you have a pet that is really flighty, stay with them and comfort them through the time that you know fireworks are going off. Also, there are special ear pugs or head wear that you can put over or in your pets ears to protect them. You can find them at pet stores.

Happy Independence Day!!


4 July 2016 at 10:54:01 MDT

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