Terms of Service 2013 by Zikaur

Terms of Service 2013


-I charge by the hour, which in result means I have no set prices for anything.

-All transactions have to be made to PayPal and in Euros.

-Payments under 100 Euros will be made, in full, up front.

-For any payments above 100 Euros, we can talk about a form of payment plan.

-As soon as I have received the payment I´ll start working on the commission.


-After the agreements and terms of the commission have been set, we´ll determine a deadline. I understand that lots of people are patient and are okay with not having a deadline, but I´ve found out that I work best when there´s the pressure of a deadline.

-Depending on the complexity of the piece, a turnaround-time between 2 and 4 weeks should be sufficient. When a piece starts nearing the 10 hours work time, we´ll have to talk about a custom deadline.

-Rush orders are possible but I will have to add 10% onto the price. A minimum of 3 to 5 days is required, anything under a week is considered a rush order.

-Delays on the commission shall be notified as early as possible, with a valid reason, by me personally.

Will Not/Will Draw

-Will not draw: Scat or watersports, excessive bodilly fluids, inflation/excessive muscle/extreme obesity, adult babies, Macro body parts.

-I have the right to change this list at any time, without warning. So please be sure to check periodically.

-If you´re unsure on whether or not what you´d like is something I´d draw, don´t hesitate and just ask. Asking is always free.

-Something I´ll always draw, without fail, is anything science fiction related. Science fiction is my passion and addiction so I´m going to offer you something. Anything science fiction related will get a 10% discount.

Commission Slots

-I will not react to private messages or public forum messages (shouts or comments).

-If you happen to catch me while I´m streaming and are interested in a commission, feel free to ask me anything but please don´t demand an answer, I am working after all. The best way to get any detailed answers from me is via e-mail.

-The only form of communication I will react to is an e-mail sent to (zikcommission@hotmail.com), this is where our communication will start.

-There is no, first come – first serve method, I personally choose the commissions I take on.

-There will be no waiting list.

Reference/Character Information

-I will only accept visual references for the commission. You can send in a maximum of 5 reference images per character.

-You are allowed to back up the images with short written descriptions, explaining something seen on the reference.

-When there are no visual references of your character, but you do want me to make you a reference sheet, email me about this and we´ll talk about it.


-You will be sent WIP´s of each stage (on request) or what I´ve done for progress that day (if I feel it´s noticeable enough to show you).

-You´re allowed one complete pose change ONLY in the sketch phase.

-You´re allowed minor changes (facial expression, anatomical mistakes, etc.) in the line art stage.

-You´re allowed only color changes (NO line art changes) in the coloring stage.

-If you´d rather be notified of the progress in a different manner, you have to let me know before I begin working.

Termination by Buyer

-You have every right to terminate the commission at any time. You will get a refund of the unused hours (a full refund is not guaranteed). I will keep what progress we made and either alter it to where it is not recognizable as your commission anymore or just keep it in my archives.

-If you do decide to cancel the commission, let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, personally and through e-mail.

Termination by Seller

-I reserve the right to cancel the commission for any reason.

-If I cancel for any personal reason beyond my control, you will receive a full refund (of any money paid so far if it´s on a payment plan).

-I reserve the right to cancel the commission due to rudeness or unsavory behavior of the client. I will not, in any way, tolerate harassment or bribery and will react very strict to that.

-If the commission has been terminated due to misbehavior of the client, I reserve the right to refuse any future commissions from you.


-Starting up the commission can go one of two ways. 1. You can tell me what your budget is and I´ll let you know what I can do within that set budget/time. 2. You can let me know what you´re looking for and I´ll in turn let you know how long I estimate it will take me.

-When this is decided, we´ll agree on a price and set a deadline.

-When the payment has been received on my PayPal account, I´ll let you know it´s received and will get started on your commission.

-I´ll send you Works In Progress as often as we have agreed upon.

-Whenever it´s finished I´ll send you a high resolution .png file to your preferred e-mail address. (Or another file format if you asked for one.)

-I´ll then upload the picture to my personal gallery on FurAffinity, unless we´ve agreed to keep the picture private.

-After all is said and done and we´re satisfied with the results, please feel free to add the picture to your personal gallery as well. As long as you give me the proper credit for creating the image and link back to either my gallery or the original picture in my gallery.


-Your character is, and always will be, copyrighted to you. The image however will always be copyrighted to myself.

-You do have permission to post the image to your personal gallery, as long as you link back to me as the artist, giving me full credit for the image.

-You do have permission to use the image for personal use, such as an avatar, profile picture, print on a shirt, poster, etc.

-You do NOT have permission to use the image for anything commercial.

-You do NOT have permission to claim the image as your own, telling others you´re the one who made it.

-You do NOT have permission to use the image as an example for your own commissions.

-You do NOT have permission to alter the image in any way, other than cropping for personal avatar use.

-You do NOT have permission to make any money from the image.


-If you´ve bought over 10 hours (cumulative) you´re considered a loyal customer (Yay for You!), which will grant you first notice of special deals by signing up for my email list as well as a permanent discount. When you´ve hit the 10 hour mark, you´ll be given a 10% discount for any future commission. With the 20 hour mark you´ll get 15%, the 30 hour mark will give you 20% and the 40 hour mark will give you a 25% discount.

  • You can sign up for the email list by sending an email to zikcommission[at]hotmail.com and leaving your preferred e-mail address and a notice that you´re signing up. You´ll be given the chance to get the inside scoop on special upcoming deals, opened slots for commissions and other fun stuff I come up with during the year. You´re also free to just send me an e-mail when you´d like to get off the list.
    -Discounts cannot be stacked, so if your commission applies to two sorts of discounts (for instance the 10% sci fi and the 20% loyalty discount) I will automatically pick the highest discount for you.
    -Please feel free to send me a report card with your honest opinion on the proceedings of the commission. I´m always eager to make everything as pleasant as possible but I still have lots to learn. So don´t hesitate and let me know exactly what you thought of everything.
    -I reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time, without warning.

For an estimation of prices as well as samples of my work, please go


Terms of Service 2013


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