Please to commission me! Bills and a kitty in need! by Angelwolf

Ugh so yeah... Bills are insane right now- we'll survive but it would help IMMENSELY to put a bit of buffer behind me. Paying for childcare, my INSANE energy bill, credit accounts, car payments, and loans from friends has got us in a bit of a scrape- added to it that one of my partner's jobs keeps being unable to pay him on time.

In addition, there is a stray cat who hangs out on our street and it's gotten to the point that she really needs to be taken to the vet. She has some sort of skin condition that just looks horribly uncomfortable and I really want to get some medication or something and a check up for her. It's not something I can really afford, but despite having flea and worm-treated her and feeding her she's just not getting better.

Here's 'Ren'

So yeah I'm gonna open up digital commissions (KIND of PWYW) Everything flat-colored with a transparent background (and/or a flat color fill)

Headshots (can be put into telegram sticker form at no extra cost) £5-£9

Feral or Chibi £10-£19 (colored lines available too!)

Fullbody anthro (only one character please!) £20+ (like these but with no shading)

Donations are appreciated (I'll try to doodle something for anyone who does!) and can be send to CherryCorgial[at]

Feel free to contact me on the same email, by note, or comment on this journal if you're interested. I will also attempt to stream some of these (but I have no idea what the timing will be since my schedule is insane lol) and will try to make some of them into 'speed paint' videos for youtube.

Please to commission me! Bills and a kitty in need!


30 June 2016 at 09:59:03 MDT

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