POLL Adoptables and should I do them? by Recurrent

Hey guys, so lately I have been thinking about doing adoptables since I have some more free time. I have quite a few ideas roaming around in my head for characters and I would love to get them out there and share them with you all. The only problem is how should I approach this. The way I see it is I could do adoptables one of two ways.

The first would be to do a sheet of up to ten adoptables that all share the same lineart and sell those at a flat rate price, first come first serve, this option would be fairly cheap per character.

The second option would be to do unique lineart per character and maybe even have it be like a simple ref sheet and auction the character off, this would be more expensive from the get go since more work would be put into each character.

I created a quick poll to see what you guys would be more interested in seeing. I may still do a test run of both at some point but we shall see.


POLL Adoptables and should I do them?


26 June 2016 at 21:49:20 MDT

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    Voted for unique lineart, because as someone who's not going to buy any adoptables, they're more interesting to look at. =P

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      I did the same. In my opinion adoptables with the same line art are not a unique character and I am not interested in having a character with a lot of different coloured siblings.