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Bucky, Doe, and Sage...Now Little Ke'lier by bucky_agamemnon

This is why I haven't been able to get much art done this weekend, to tell you the truth, I didn't get much of anything done thanks to my new two kids, Bucky who is on my right, who was born 061616, and Doey on the left, 061716. Not in the photo and new to the group of rescued fawns is Sage.

Sorry for the delay, but these little guys have been keeping me busy along with eating my lunch when it comes to my budget. I thought about starting a Patron “on which I still don't know to set up,” or some sort of a sponsorship program.

Last year do to losing way to many fawns last year from things like fire ants, stream heat, births being way off from normal, and from does who were just way to young that should've never go pregnant, I decided to come up with a game plan.
is little Sage.

Raising these fawns have been very time consuming along with being very expensive. I thought about starting a Patreon for them, but I still haven’t a clue on how to set a page up. The other nice thing would be some sort of sponsorship program, or maybe donations.

To start, most of my tame deer aren’t bottle raised. We didn’t have a surviving bottle baby until Storm. Before that, they were tamed by being spoiled rotten by treats and attention. Also the more aggressive ones were bred out of the hurd. Mind you know, the boys can still get into one hell of a fight.

2015 was a very bad year for new fawns. We manage to save 3, but I still lost 4 out of 10. Before 2015 the average losses was 2 and that was without having to bring any in tobe bottled raise, and if they did come in, they usually didn’t make it. The three fawns that were saved in 2015 was Eggcorn, but we manage to save 3. Eggcorn was an easy save. He was on the verge of getting heat stroke, all I did with him was to brush him off, and moved him in a shaded area. With luck the next few days were cool.

On July 4, My black doe Liquorice had a fawn that was badly attacked fire ants, and we had no luck on saving it. On July 7 Storm was born during a flash flood. She might have done fine if it wasn’t for Liquorice try to steal her from it’s momma, or just plain out tried to kill her. The little Doe was very confused, and was so worn out that it tried to fall asleep in water. I figured that it was time to intervene. Talk about a major learning experience.Elliott who was born August 28 was a complete surprise. I remember it was a pretty toast that day around 110.

I come home and my roomy got me and said that there is a new born fawn sitting outside of the old house, which was kind of weird because all of the does who had them already had theirs. I go out there and see a little thing staring at me with dried placenta all over it. So it was a no brainer that we were going to have to intervene, not only didn’t we know who the mother was, he was abandoned right after birth. Later on we discovered that Airheart was his mother, a doe who way to young to have a fawn. She is doing real well with her fawn this year who we are calling him Boog because he and Elliott have both the same parents.

Then we had three other fawns born from mothers who never was supposed to cycle do to being too young, and being born way late in the season. We had no luck with trying to save them. It was then I made some new rules on which fawns that we were going to try to save. Extreme Heat, Fawns born after July do to the August Heat, Mother that were way too young, or if a Fawn wouldn’t stay put.

This June, we started having record breaking temperatures mixed with high humidity. The fawn that we are now calling Boog was the first born. I saw the mother was taking real good care of him. I came home on a day that it was 106 with a heat index of 113, to find two new fawn that died from the extreme heat. I thought that one of them was Boog on which later I learned was a different fawn and the other who was from Na’Toff at the age of 18 which is my second oldest doe in the herd followed by her mother Ke’lier who is now 20. We I decided that if any more fawns were born during the heatwave that they were going to be pulled in hopes to try to save them. I don’t like pulling them from their mothers, but I rather have a mother mourning over fawn that has a chance to live VS one that died.

On 061616 I come home it was once again very humid outside, and I knew that there was a few does who were expecting, and from my daily walk of the fence line and checking on fawns, I've noticed that a little fawn. Even though Skitty was a proven mother, I didn't want to take the chance, so I brought him into the house. My roomy called him Bucky, and I said that was a good name. He probably could have survived but I wasn’t going to take the chance after losing the other two. He is doing real well, and he is very smart, and already doing things that an animal a lot older than he would be doing.

The very next day, I come home to see about 20 buzzards circling my pasture. The first thing that I thought was that there was a dead fawn out there. So I started my routine of walking the fence line, and on the backside bye the tank dam, I discovered a doe fawn who was in the sun, and start to go into shock. The poor thing wasn't even dead yet and the buzzards were already wearing the bibs, and holding there knifes and forks. So I rushed her to the house and the first thing that I did was put her beside the sofa with a towel on to keep here from cooling down to fast. We named her Doey, but we weren't to sure if she was going to pull threw. We almost gave up, but she slowly got better, but on the third night it was like life suddenly hit, and she was running, playing, keeping, and causing all sorts of mischief with her brother Bucky.

The newest member of the line of rescue fawns is Sage, who was born a few days later after his brother and sister, but is a preemie. When I found him during my walk I notice that he was being attacked by fire ants, so I brushed him off and put him back but in a different area of a wooded area on my property. I went out a couple of hours later and notice that he didn’t move, and the mother who is a first time at being one wasn’t giving it much attention. I decided to bring him in, and good thing that I did because he had a front off condition from being born a little bit to early. He didn’t have enough weight to stretch his tendons, and in the wild he would have never survived because of it. They would have gotten worse as he walked around on his knuckles. We made little braces out of tongue depressors and vet wrap. He seems to be doing real well with them. Also because of his size, he eats only less than half than the other two do.

The three of them are doing real well, and if we have to rescue more, it’s well worth it. I post a lot of photos of them to my Twitter account at buckyagamemnon account.

Donations are always welcome when it comes to these critters at my Paypal account at Thank you and have a great day.

This just in, was walking the pasture looking for Na'toff, and I heard the fence rattled, well it turned out a new fawn doe snuck through the fence. If I wasn't out there to hear and find it, the little one would have been dead. So she has been brought in because fence escapees have a habit of repeating it. We decided to name her after her granny Ke’lier who is now 20.

Bucky, Doe, and Sage...Now Little Ke'lier


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