Britain/Brexit - big writing decisions for a mare by Amethyst Mare

I'll admit, I didn't expect Britain to leave the EU (or to vote to leave). I wanted to stay because I was not convinced that leaving was best for the majority and so many people who wanted to leave were citing racist reasons and not backing up their claims. It seemed rushed and for reasons that were not supported in the majority - not all, of course. Please don't take this as me slagging off anyone as I see both sides of the coin here. Regardless, it's happened and we will only see what happens going forward.

I'm not getting into a political debate here, please note. I'll delete comments that veer into nasty, abusive, overly political and so on as that's not what this journal is about.

The head office of my company is not based in the UK and is owned by another company overseas. Without being too specific, I can see the beginning of the end here as they have been trying to cut staff ("dead weight"), even though people staying in the UK for holidays will also increase our profits. I don't think it'll be enough profit quickly enough for the head company to not make hasty decisions. Which is why now I am going to man up and get to writing for Kindle.

I've been scared to leave my furry audience but I think it's time to start implementing what I've learned on writing erotica and selling it on the eBook market. Free to view stories on the furry sites will still include commissions, gift stories, trade stories, teasers, complete stories to show part of a larger collection and anything that I cannot sell on an eBook platform due to content. I will showcase some free to view stories here (that will be available as eBooks) to show you what I'm working on and, hopefully, show you enough that you'll find something you enjoy and will make a purchase or two, in line with what kind of content you're looking for. I will be working primarily in erotica when it comes to eBooks under a pen name (which I will talk about here later on) and aiming to earn enough money with 2-3 short stories per week to leave my full time day job. I expect this to take a while and had hoped to have longer in which to tackle this absolutely terrifying leap, but it is definitely time to get it together, stop being a wuss and see what I can make of this.

Maybe once I have a set of erotica stories running, I will be be able to work on novels for non-erotic venues. The start-up of this will be viciously difficult but I hope I can learn from the market and provide content that people enjoy, to keep coming back for more. Hopefully, I will have lots of stories that appeal to furries too so I will be able to share information about them here. I will also be working to spread my name a little further by submitting to anthologies - but that is mostly practice for non-furry writing and submitting, learning and understanding the process with different publishers.

This is a huge step but I am hopeful that it will eventually lead to good things. An office job doesn't suit me. I can't look after my health in an environment that I do not control. At least if I have a home office, I will be able to get a standing or walking desk, stretch throughout the day, make sure I take breaks, make sure I don't strain my eyes, make sure I eat properly and BE CREATIVE. The lack of creativity in my day is really getting me down and I'm tired of people treating me like a receptionist when I am the first point of call for technical information. I'm tired of being called "love" and spoken to as if I don't know anything.

I just want to write. And write I shall! With a fair side of extra hard work, careful research and planning. Help me make this a success! :)

And thank you every single day for all your support! Let's give this a damn good, very best ever, shot!


Britain/Brexit - big writing decisions for a mare

Amethyst Mare

26 June 2016 at 10:38:11 MDT

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