Its been a while: Projects + Special Commissions! by Lucienchol

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing good! I'm sorry I haven't been all that active, I've actually been working on a game with friends that was for a summer game jam! It's called Critter Clash and you can actually go download and play it here!
Bear in mind we did this in less than a week and we'll keep working on it and polishing it for August, so keep your eyes out! With that said I hope you guys like it and we hope we can continue to improve on it. <3

I'll be posting some character designs, promos + other stuff I've worked on for the game during these days, in the mean time, I wanted to ask you guys if you'd like some chibi buggy commissions like the ones I've posted recently?
They would be $5 and would have a same day turn out!
Examples: here and here
I say chibi buggies but they can be anything you'd like rly, either mixes of your sona with other critters or just your sona in this style!

I've also added Food and Item Patterns as a part of my special commissions, they would be $25.
Examples: Donuts, Cookies, Sushi and Chocolates (I know I haven't made item pattern to use as examples yet but they'd basically be in the same lineartless style as these!)

If these aren't interesting to you, you can check out my commission prices and examples right here!

But yeah thats been my week more or less, how have you guys been/up to? 'v'

Its been a while: Projects + Special Commissions!


25 June 2016 at 20:16:34 MDT

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