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STATE OF THE ART(BYPAC) - stream schedule changing? by pac

just some general updates for y'all! first and foremost...

📌 stream schedule may be changing next month at some point!

current stream schedule: WED-SAT 5pm-12am CENTRAL

as some regulars have noticed, i've been having to cancel some stream days due to other things going on (good things!) and with my husband starting a new job on monday (!!!) it's time i find a new stable path for my streams. what that will be, i do not know yet, but anyone who schedules with me will not be changed suddenly because of it. some may know that for a while i've been pushing with my friends to get to regular printmaking meetups (and hopefully even a studio) so however that pans out will be a big factor in how a shape my schedule. a lot of plans got sidetracked when my hubby lost his job several months ago and i needed to hustle more than ever to help keep ends meeting. inevitably my goal is to rely less on dedicating so much time to commission streams, and instead get a healthy balance between diversifying the way i get income and my own projects.

in addition, i MIGHT be transitioning to picarto at some point. i've said that before and a lot of my regulars have begrudgingly endured my stubborn attachment to livestream. i have my reasons, the least of which not being that i very much wanted the embed feature (with anonymous users capable of changing their nickname,) which none of the comparable services seem to have. again, this is sort of a maybe down the road, not a for sure.

summary: stream sched changing sometime next month probably.

📌 trying to post in more places

as i expand my non-fandom printmaking/portfolio presence, i am also trying to give my fandom/commissions a little more spread. i'm still very scatter minded and will need to work on getting things up to speed but in case you didn't know, here are other places to find my stuff:


i also have a storefront i'll be adding all my merch and possibly any originals i may have available.

AND REMEMBER!!! all these sites and other relevant links or information are ALL found on my actual website:
^^^ this will always have the best ways to find my art, get in touch with me or find info (rather than outdated journals on random sites.)

i think that's the major stuff! take care!

STATE OF THE ART(BYPAC) - stream schedule changing?


21 June 2016 at 18:43:59 MDT

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    exciting new things and exciting new husband job! congrats!