FAQ and My Art by Armpit-Warrior

Hey everyone!

First journal in a long time and plan on it being the only one I'll do. I just want to answer a few questions you may or may not have.

What type of art do you do?
That's a broad question, so I'll answer it the best I can. I primarily do traditional art. I have attempted digital art, but coming from a lower-middle class family and going to a 4-year university does drain what little income - if any at all - I have/receive. My private tumble, this account and my Weasyl are for mostly adult/mature artwork. Every now and then I'll do general art, but I tend to stick with adult and mature to practice on my anatomy.

What are your prices?
The prices are in color on my profile description and in the commission info tab.

Do you accept commissions?
I always enjoy doing commissions! But the scarcity of how many I receive is understandable; its the digital age and most commissioners are attracted to it than traditional.

Do you accept art trades and/or requests?
Yes and no. I tend to take my time with art trades and do my own artwork - laziness, I assume. Requests, on the other hand, are a different story; I won't do them. If I want to draw your character, I will send you a PM requesting permission to draw them with one of my characters or standalone.

Can I have your Skype?
Sure! Just PM me.

Can I color your sketches?
Certainly! All I ask is that you credit me as the original artist.

What type of pens/markers do you use?
Outlining, I use Micron pens; coloring I use a combination of colored pencils and BiC permanent markers.

Well, that about covers it! If you have anymore questions feel free to leave a comment or PM me. I'm on majority of the time faving other people's galleries and admiring their work.

Also, don't be afraid to chit-chat with me. I love having conversations with people about almost anything. Like I said, leave a comment or send a PM!

FAQ and My Art


20 June 2016 at 17:12:50 MDT

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