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Summer line up by birdXcore

Here is a list of things that will be started, starting or preliminary ideas that will come to fruition.

A garden! Me and my housemates had plans to move, but one backed out and decided to move themselves cross the country, again, after being here a year, and we will not be relocating. Instead we will be tearing up half of the yard and making several planter boxes for flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. We will also be getting several fruiting trees.

Soap making. There's a lot of interest between me and saiorikins saiorikins for this. We will start small and fiddle with recipes, but we have some great ideas for a micro business.

Fixing Mjolki. This will probably be done really soon. Mjolki has a small issue with the restraint system and one side of the jaw hinge popping off. I have some epoxy glue to secure these for once and for all. I will also be getting several outfits to use with Mjolki.

Room renovation. Our sunroom is currently being fixed up due to rot. Soon we will be finishing it up and laying laminate, along with painting the walls. This will be converted in to a craft area.

Summer line up


19 June 2016 at 18:21:51 MDT

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