art dolls (interest check, please read) by Tapeworm

I feel like getting back int doing art dolls again, I'm finishing up a large manticore and one other one i've had sitting on my shelf for awhile and then I'm going to make some perytons an bakus. \

But I want to see if anyone would be interested in art doll commissions, the larger ones take me about a month to make, working on and off. But I can do various sizes.

I can do soft body ones or ones with an armature (which i prefer to do armatured ones)
I'll also be doing almost any species, even original ones as long as its an open one or you have permission from the owner.

All the examples of the ones I have done are here:

I'd love to hear if anyone would want one, even if they can't get one right away

art dolls (interest check, please read)


19 June 2016 at 13:08:55 MDT

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    They're so enchantingly nightmarish!

    Can't get one, unfortunately, as much as I'd love one :(

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      thanks C:

      maybe someday you'll be able to

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    I'd love to get something like that!