Secret Cupid Winners by SuiTheWolf

Well....I'm a bit late...BUT here I finally am to announce the winners, though I'm a bit irate with the fact that most of you never sent me any links or anything showing your entries, so the winners are very small. Only one person actually did their part so...I have decided that only that person gets a prize from me. Those of you who never gave me any information, I checked in your galleries and I saw nothing to the person I assigned you with, I'm not angry or anything, just kind irritated because you had enough time, unless you're busy with school or work and all, then it's understandable, but you still could've let me know in advance.

SO the one luck person is SlashWolfHyde So YOU PERSON should like....either note me or comment below on what character of yours you would want drawn by me <3

I really do apologize for being so un godly late with this....I have been so busy irl it's not even funny ><

Secret Cupid Winners


8 March 2013 at 20:14:08 MST

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    I did actually get something from the contest and it's beautiful. ;w; I have the link so I might as well post it here;

    I'm not sure about the other two, I didn't see anything in their gallery titled or with a description for the valentines thing but I just wanted to mention this was drawn for it. :)

    Winning by default is cool I guess but maybe take a look at that before I suggest it in case they might have won. :3

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    You mentioned me leaving a comment with what I wanted, so I suppose you could either do my character Nemo ( or Icey ( Just which ever feels more fun for you to draw, it doesn't matter. ^-^

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      I shall get to them soon! C:

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        I look forward to it. ^-^