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Updating by MothMonarch

It's been a while since I tried to get my account here up to speed. With the recent FA issues, however, it seems more important than ever to put down roots in other places. I made a FurryNetwork account in May and finished getting that set up properly earlier this week. I figure it's about time this gallery catches up and I start using Weasyl more, too.

Thing is, like many artists, I am almost always in a flurry of activity - creating, marketing and looking for more work, talking to clients, preparing for and attending shows, etc. Crossposting lots of art to multiple sites when you can generate 8+ commissions and other images a week takes a while, especially when each of the sites uses different formatting and organizational rules. So I have enlisted the help of the Waxpost plugin to make submitting here easier.

Anyway, I'll be at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA as usual this summer at table B20 with lots of cool stuff and some panels in the art show to boot! There will also be a secret surprise I worked hard on in May that I look forward to attendees discovering. Hope to see many of you there! :>



10 June 2016 at 10:44:39 MDT

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    Glad to see you giving weasyl a shot again! The waxposter is definitely useful for artists with not a lot of time x3

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      I like Weasyl! I wish more people would use it! But time is definitely at a premium in my life right now, so it was always "I'll update it next weekend... after work... soon..." etc. I would really love it if someone would come out with a multi-crossposter covering many more of the current art sites, but I'll work with what's available for now.

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    I will be at anthrocon!

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    I find I rather like Weasyl, I think that it's a pretty good site and I like how you can make pages for characters and such as well. It's got some good features. :)