Commission prices, contact format, and status is (VERY CLOSED) by Adalore

Alright guys! I am adding people to my queue, but do keep in mind because I am a student, abit one with more than a month of Alright guys! I am adding people to my queue, but do keep in mind because I am a student, abit one with more than a month of break time, your commission might get delayed due to the harsh reality that is class work.

If you are interested in getting a commission from me please EMAIL me at "Adalore At Gmail Dot Com" and include these things.

Subject line, "Your username here", the website that the username is valid on which in this case "Weasyl", "Commission" and the type of commission you want in the title.

Body, What you intend to commission with all relevant references: This means, Character refs, specific clothing refs, tool refs, anything you want me to apply specifically. You should find the reference of important details and include either the image directly attached or a link. Please do not send me NSFW references, this greatly increases the chances that I will turn down your commission.

I will then message back hopefully reasonably quickly and give you a working quote for the work as presented. I will also give you position in queue if accepted and ETA should that effect things.

Payment style.
For all commissions above "Sketch" level I take payment through paypal once the sketch is accepted. I will not continue work on a piece pass sketch until payment is received.
For Sketch level I will take payment immediately if accepted.

Commission types.

Sketch - A relatively quick image, payment immediately due, but do not pay until prompted. Cleaned up with basic depth created through lighter and darker values on light grey background.
Lines - Very straightforward, your characters done in lineart, sketch approved before lineart, and payment is done.
Colored - With painted values to create good depth. Example : Any of my recent work in the gallery. Should have fairly consistent work updates through email as I work on it.
30 - 40$

Vulcan Automata - This is a piece that is your character done in the Vulcan Automata canon as an employee. Due to the design workload of designing a character into a specialized role the price is higher than "Colored".
This also includes three or so paragraphs of written fiction related to the character which is included in the description when posted. Should you want to write your own fiction for this I won't stop you, but I would like to read through the lines as they will have an affect on the canon.
1. Minimum one paragraph with a bit from the perspective of the character in their now cybernetic body.
2. Minimum one paragraph explaining what skills they had before vulcanization and how they were specialized.
3. At least a line explaining what administration thinks of their employee.

Extra things needed in email if you intend to get one of these : What job your character would be performing, which I will then discuss with you to make a canon compatible role for your character.
I will be outlining other important things for the setting through an external link in the future which will allow in canon works from other people.

Prices are not final and may change with the scale of the project. I will do my best to inform you of design changes that will change the price (Backgrounds for example).

--- So if you are interested, please Email me while holding to these requirements. If you do not follow the format I will most likely turn you down, unless of course I have no work.

CURRENT QUEUE, trying to do these before any others, will post immediate queue in the future of other works in chunks instead of maintaining the WHOLE list in journal.

My queue is terrifying, lets do this.
Whata time to be a robot thing.

Commission prices, contact format, and status is (VERY CLOSED)


7 June 2016 at 02:29:30 MDT

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