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murr/yiffsuits should be banned from cons by felixcani

My opnion about yiffsuits.... Really how ? First how can u like screw in a cute animal costume ? It makes NO sense.

Second. Why do u use it in public afterwards ? It's disgusting and like wtf. Sure u wash it and all and take pics with people and so on, but u use it during sex afterwards.

Seriously ? Why ??

I could menition alot of murrsuits right here right now, but chose not to since poeple would be maaaaaaaaaaaaaad at me.

murr/yiffsuits should be banned from cons


7 March 2013 at 16:06:00 MST

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    Well, people do as they please none the less. I'm good with; as long as I don't see it I don't care. I get your point though, i don't like it at all, but people are different, who are we to judge what they like. It's not like anyone gets hurt in the process.

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    I understand your point, but I think enforcing a ban on murrsuits would be difficult, if not impossible. Any fursuit could in principle be used for yiffing and short of forensic blacklight/DNA testing, there'd be no way to tell.

    As it is, most conventions don't permit public displays of sexualised/fetishised costumes or fetish-gear outside of dog collars, which many furries wear to signal their furry identity and not for purposes of sexual gratification. You'll just have to use your common sense, look at the appearance of the 'suit and how the wearer is acting in it, and then decide if you feel comfortable interacting with it. :)

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      Yeah that seems reasonable :) I guess I just was a bit upset yesterday ^^ Thnx. And glad they dun allow full fetish wear

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      ^ What she said. :D