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Some insight! by SwirlySpotBean

Hi everyone! Once again I'm still here but been busy left and right. I have some little updates to say as of today.

-So some of you know that curlykaiserbunny is coming down to Rhode Island to see me for 2 weeks, starting July 8th! This is his first stay at my place since usually I'm the one that goes to Canada to see him at his place all the time. I'm very stoat because it's been 2 years since we seen each other and I think this (maybe) will be the last visit in a while because both of us might become very busy again. I'm not saying we wont see each other again, just for the meantime after this visit. Also I'm going to open head-shots and badges so I can get earn some extra money for us have for his trip here. I'll be working on examples soon or might bring some of my previous examples, will see about that. So would anyone be interested? I'm thinking 20 for headshots and 25 bucks for badges. I'm only going to take offers on those because I dont have actually time to do full pieces of art like I used to atm.

-The second mini update is that I was feeling down about my art and myself. I've felt that it wasn't good enough for anyone to enjoy including myself. I'm not sure what made me feel this way but I'm hoping that everyone does enjoy my art even if it's not best like everyone else's. I think the reason why no one was accepting the commissions I offered but I think it's my fault for not giving more examples and complete finish works to show. So no need to worry.

-I've been working and more likely do overtime on and off like I have and I want to say I apologize for not responding to anyone or actually being social like I told myself I would. Just in cause I want to thank everyone for those who has enjoyed my works, for the faves and the watches that I've not responded to yet. Everything is becoming clustered on all my art-sites so. x-x

-So guys/gals, how's life? What have I've been missing on while I was a poof butt? Also opinions on my art, etc???

Some insight!


4 June 2016 at 08:05:32 MDT

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    Glad to see you over here! That's great that you get to see your LDL, too!

    I think it is the artist's curse to feel that way about your art sometimes. I know I do.

    That's okay, being busy tends to leave me with no time to properly socialize, either, so I feel you there.

    I love your art, I think it is cute! And not that I have 'publicly' announced it yet, but my father just had a heart transplant yesterday morning, so that was/is kinda scary. He's doing great so far.

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      Oh thank you! Yeah I guess you're right; It does suck when feeling like that. Oh I feel the same, like I admire a lot of artist but I usually keep it to myself because my anxiety goes up when I try to express how greatly I feel about how I admire them. I try to say such but usually I don't. x-x Oh man, I hope things do well for your father. I'm hoping the very best on your side! :)