Taking ONE commission by artdecade

I've got time to take one commission if anyone's interested.
Please read the info below!


  • Full colour and full background
  • G-XXX
  • I shy away from gore, scat, piss, smells, etc
  • I demand a good amount of control. I will draw your idea of course! But, I am an artist, and if you let me do my job you're going to end up with something great.

Offer & Decision

  • Not first come first serve
  • Send me your idea by any means you prefer; notes, email, comment below, twitter, etc
  • I will take the offer that I think I can do best and that sounds the most fun to do
  • I'll make a decision by this Saturday
  • If you do not hear from me by Sat then I have passed on your offer for now. Sorry it's impersonal, but it's just quicker that way!
  • Please be prompt with responses. I don't need to hear back within the hour, but don't leave me hanging for a couple days. I have a lot of work and a schedule to maintain outside of this one commission, u feel me

Price & Payment

  • 250 USD (flat rate, not negotiable)
  • I don't have paypal. Square, Google Wallet, or Dwolla only.
  • Full payment up front within a day or two after an agreement is made

Ask below if you have questions! Irrelevant comments will be deleted.
Thanks for considering :)

Taking ONE commission


3 June 2016 at 10:03:23 MDT

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    Is there a max number of characters and/or a limit on how complex a setting/background?

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      Hey there! No limits on either of those parameters. Loss of finer detailing starts to show up around 4 characters as the camera has to zoom out more and more to fir more characters in. More characters usually means less background too, so it's sort of a trade off there. If you have any other questions please let me know :)

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        to clarify, more chars means less bg just because there are more chars to block out the bg