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The Updates Strike Back by IrkinGIR

Wanted Series conclusion:
For those who already know, the final (for now) entry in the Wanted series as been submitted. But rather than repeat myself for the third time in the whats and whys, thought instead of covering any answers people might have about it as a whole. As in, you all obviously had choices you were either secretly or very openly passionate about seeing me tackle. Now I couldn't obviously make everyone happy, but for curiosity sake what did you want did you want to see me tackle? No judgement on choices, just it's an interest to know who and importantly WHY these characters meant enough to want to see in this. Who knows, might even get added to the list of potential future candidates if/when I do more down the road.

Hell, out of the 29 entries of Wanted I DID tackle, which ones were your favourites and why?

Journey Edge project:
Production has already begun on Jenn's own venture, which again will be something different from my past work. For example, it's progress will again depend on where you the audience choice to send her based on poll votes. Sometimes the direction leads to victory, others leading to an ironic fate ala Dragon's Lair's death scenes (except, replace death with specific scenarios~). I'm actually really excited about this project, and I hope you guys end up liking it once it gets going.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Have any thoughts or questions, or participation in those Wanted questions I mentioned, leave them below.

The Updates Strike Back


2 June 2016 at 17:36:23 MDT

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    To be honest, I haven't kept much up with the entire series as of yet, but hopefully get to get a chance to tackle through some at somepoint. ^^ Either way, hope whatever you need to work on gets done when you need it to.