Radio Silence: Temporary Leave by Menageriecat

Sometimes bad things happen, and there's nothing you can do about it.

A year ago in July, it will be a year since I packed up all my belongings that I was able to and left all my loved ones (except my rats) behind in MI to move out to a new state to live with my now ex. I knew the risk I was taking, I knew the consequences of said risk, but I took it anyway because I so deeply loved the person I was with.

Things have changed now, and I'm no longer with this person. It's painful, incredibly painful, to come right up against the reality I knew I could possibly face. I face it now, and it deeply, deeply hurts. I left my family behind in MI on my own free will, and now in a sense I'm doing that all over again, only this time it's not my family, but a person I thought loved me, and the leave is against my will.

Painful realities and discoveries have come to light over the past week since this breakup occurred last Monday night, but fortunately small, new discoveries have come into the light as well in the form of support from people I didn't think remotely cared, but to see and hear of my situation and my pain... people truly can be amazing. Additionally, I've been able to find a new home, for which this radio silence is regarding.

While I move and settle into this new home, I'll be financially about bare for about 3wks; there's no room for non-essential things such as wifi access during this time. Until my next paycheck is received, there will be essentially radio silence from me. Due to this and the issues described above, my role as a Moderator will also temporarily be placed on hold, but I will return once things have settled down again and my access to wifi is restored. I do so love to be part of the Weasyl staff here, as I love to assist the site and most importantly, the users here. You all are so wonderful, so don't any of you ever stop <3 If you have any questions regarding site issues, please direct them to the other mods, admins, and directors.

If you have personal questions for me, please know that after this Thursday, you will not hear back for a few weeks.

You're all so wonderful <3 See you soon, friends!

Radio Silence: Temporary Leave


1 June 2016 at 07:31:57 MDT

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    You've got this! I bet your new place will be great. Take all the time you need, we'll still be here! <3

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    Oh, that sounds like a rather familiar situation! When I was 19, I moved 450km to the "love of my life" for it to then break up in the span of a month. Though it was mostly due to my mental state, I was very unstable at that time, it was still incredibly painful. I then moved again, living alone for the first time in my life and in a city where I knew no one. The first whole year, I only left my home for work. I was happy when the weekend was over, because it hurt so much to be alone. (Though I only left few loved ones, I had only 2-3 friends up there and my family is dirt, so that made it easier I guess?)

    But it will get better. It is a phase that will make you stronger, I promise! You will emerge from the pain like a phoenix from it's ashes! (I hope that isn't too dramatic?! haha)
    Really, this will pass and life can only get better from a certain point. I wish you the very best, I hope that you get through this fast! hugs 1000x