Adaptation 21XX's Fighting System 4.0 by Huntermun

New Fighting System v4.0

I have achieved a lot of good tonight with programming Adaptation 21XX. This new, new, new fighting engine has most all the Rolls of Dice prepared and I’m about to start printing Output to the screen. Things are looking up!

Doing it the way I am now, the Aggressor—the person acting—now picks an action to be done. The Rolls system looks at what Roll vs what Roll needs to be done, and reads in the relevant stats from the Aggressor. It combines those two—Attribute plus Ability—to make the Pool of Dice to use… then it Rolls.

The system then invokes again as the Defender, resetting Rolls and reading in their two stats as well. This figures out their Pool of Dice and Rolls again. With the Results of those dice rolls determined, the game checks the situation difficulty for either the Aggressor or the Defender to determine the number of successes.

In this system, if you have a relevant Specialty, 10′s—they’re 10-Sided Dice—count as two Successes. I’m debating a Super Specialty if each of the two stats has a relevant Specialty, but we’ll see about that at a later date. Anyway, Botches (1′s) take away from Successes and the more Successes, the more better.

This all goes along well with the my Timeline Battle System… which, unlike some other systems, is a mostly Hard Order for turns. The math is a little bit like this for now: 100-(Dexterity*10), meaning a Dex of 3 comes out to a speed of 70. This means that every 70 steps on the Timeline, this character gets a turn.

Some things can alter your Speed in-battle, like Buffs and DeBuffs. These ‘castings’ default to 100 steps and can be altered in time by various factors including the ‘caster’s’ own Speed. By default, they are the slowest thing to act, and might be something like a Healing Pulse, Repulsion Wave, or Toad Man’s Acid Rain, heh. Maybe you just have and electric field with a chance to Stun enemies around you whenever it goes off. Any number of things. I love the Timeline stuff.

So, characters with a high Speed (low number of steps) may end up with more turns as the order goes. Character A with Dex 4 takes 60 steps to act. Character B with a Dex of 6 would take 40 steps before acting. So the order would be B(40), A(60), B(80), B & A (120), with B going first on that last action because B has a faster Base Speed. So, B, A, B, B, A is the order.

In case of a tie of Base Speed on a Shared Action, there will be a coin-flip to determine who acts first. If multiple characters all act at once, multiple coin-flips will happen. If the Character has the Lucky Quirk, a lost toss is tossed again. Unlucky Quirk, a win is tossed again. If each character has Lucky or Unlucky, they negate and regular flips are flipped.

And if anything about the above sounds wrong or weird to you, please keep in mind that I’m not even to Alpha Development yet and that any amount of Playtesting has yet to occur. I hope to run strength-testing on the engine and gameplay results and tweak things until they feel just right.

Related to the Rolls mentioned earlier, unlike a Storyteller System game in the White Wolf sense, this game will be Rolling a lot of times without you knowing it, more like D&D or other systems. Basically, I—or, rather, the game—will be rolling behind the scenes to determine little interaction things like overhearing people talking or picking up a scent of something.

These Rolls won’t require the Player’s direct interaction, but they can still have a general alteration of events or lead to new interactions with fellow Hunters or NPC’s. I’ll include a Cheat to visually show them if you want, but the general play of the game doesn’t need the Player to see anywhere near as many Dice Rolls as I might make without them. Hopefully, it’ll all be seamless.

And that’s today’s update. I know it’s been a while, but, hey… I am still working on things. Last month was madness with—diplomatically speaking—a lot of seemingly unnecessary additionally writing required of me for a different RP system. But I’m feeling the urge to develop and program and so I am.


Adaptation 21XX's Fighting System 4.0


28 May 2016 at 15:53:29 MDT

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