Get to know me a bit better by Kimutiger

Stolen from Neo :3 *runs away with it*

  1. We all know what we call you, what about the folks at home? What's your name?

    My name is Tin, similar to Tim, it's a local thing :)

  2. How tall are you?

    About 184 cm

  3. Natural hair color?


  4. What about eye color?

    Also brown

  5. What orientation are you?

    Fursuit or no fursuit? I'm not strictly limiting myself but a girl would be strongly prefered, especially with no fursuit :)

  6. Are you single, taken, or undecided?

    Single, and partner would be nice but lot's of people tend to be assholes, therefore not trusting those that much at first contact, takes a bit of time to go under my skin :)

  7. What do you do in your spare time?

    Lot's of things, traveling, computer stuff, a bit of games, tinkering with the car, shopping, searching for new stuff to do like fursuit building recently, spending time with local friends when possible, fursuiting as well, etc

  8. What's your job?

    Currently at the end of one career in investment house as multiple role and planning to migrate to another, also finance.

  9. What's one thing you like about yourself?

    Integrity and caring about close people, trying to help whenever I can.

  10. Alright, now what about something you dislike about yourself?

    Trusting others too much sometimes, sometimes being shy and a bit anxious with new people

  11. What's some things your friends noticed about you when they first met you?

    You're from where? But you don't like like you from there

  12. Of what faith/religion are you(if any at all?)

    Not believing in any of that stuff. When you die you die, the end, like when you fall asleep. Is there something greater in the universe? Maybe, who knows, but it's certanly not written and rewritten in some old book that tells you to stone people. Religions were made because of weaknesses in human beings.

  13. Do you drink?

    When party yes, I like cocktails! But in general not that often.

  14. Do you smoke?

    No, I find it disgusting tbh.

  15. What are your fears?

    Spiders/webs and ending alone, bored, sad

  16. What are your dreams/goals?

    I would like to establish a solid income for my life wishes which are traveling the world, meeting new people, places, cultures, trying new stuff and having friends and mate with me.

  17. Ever had any crushes/ex's in the past/present?

    Sure, but not many. Not falling in love easily :P

  18. Who's your best bud?

    People change and there are more who I consider best friends, every in each own way. Not naming names.

  19. Alright, you got the cravin' for munchies, what'cha reachin' for?

    Chinese buffet! Can I pick that? :)

  20. Favorite drink?

    I fell in love with J20 tropic I think in 2011! Shame there is none here

  21. Favorite color?

    Yellow? Or blue, not sure rly

  22. If you had any super power, what would it be?

    Being able to teleport anywhere and anytime without dying, I would visit so much places in the universe <3 More down to earth super power: flying

  23. Favorite movie?

    The one that really touched me was Wall-e. Life of Pi is also very close behind. Not many movies can make tears come to my eyes.

  24. Least favorite food?

    Ruccola, melons! Yuck!

  25. Quick! You have only one meal left before you die!!! What is it?

    Nice diverse barbecue with all sorts of salads, side dishes, spices...mmmmm

  26. What do you drive/wish you drove?

    Drive a nice car. Apart form that I can drive mopeds and tractors :D I wish to drive a motorbike one day, just me and the road

  27. Most disliked bug?

    Spider! Nothing comes even remotely close to it!

  28. Most hated pet peeves?

    Being ignored when with friends, especially on multiple occasions. Very serious about it.

  29. Dislike in life?

    All the hussle in life and time and energy needed to finally enjoy it.

  30. Most annoying?

    Same as the pet peeve, unreliable people, back stabbers, liars

  31. Most disliked TV show?

    Soap operas, Jersy shore type of reality shows and such :)

Get to know me a bit better


6 March 2013 at 15:44:06 MST

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