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Welcome Back Everyone! by friday

Welcome back everyone who made an account previously!

Understandably a lot of ppl have moved back to Weasyl from FA, but since I'm kinda active on both sites it always amuses me when this site gets a ton of traffic and activity it hasn't really seen since the last time FA was down.
Because it was a security issue, this time, I'm leaning towards just leaving my FA account the way it is now and upload more furry stuff here as well as my more traditional fine art-y kinda stuff.

for the new users/followers, I thought I'd make a short About Me list

• I'm about to finish art school soon. If everything goes well it should be before this year is over
• I’m still questioning & learning about myself, but for now, I identify as aromantic and asexual
• Magic Realism is my favorite flavor of fantasy to read about or make concept art for
• I’m currently in a huge environment/landscape painting kick and I’m thinking about doing it for a living somehow

Welcome Back Everyone!


27 May 2016 at 02:06:47 MDT

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