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Hello, fellow users of Weasyl! by Mova

Hello Weasyl and fellow users! Here are some things that some may find more interesting than others would.

  • Despite the order of my user name, I go by "Mova," not "Integer". People make honest mistakes, so I don't mind the confusion. It's organized in Eastern order because my former weeaboo phase kicked in.
  • I am panromantic and pansexual, but do not have a particular preference. I just love people. :)
  • My pronouns are they/them, but I don't care as much as I used to about gender pronouns. Feel free to refer to me as whatever you want, fellow users.
  • Fantasy, sci-fi, and monster collecting interest me very much, especially if all three can succesfully combine. That's why I still love Pokémon so much.
  • My web-self isn't fixated on any particular opinion, so feel free to debate away. It's my attempts at self-restraint that prevents me from responding in an angry manner.

Hello, fellow users of Weasyl!


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    I'm really enjoying this recent trend of journals. I might have to make one myself. Helps people make a fresh start and all that.

    Also, pokemon is da freaking bomb.

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      The use of a second chance is especially beneficial, especially coming from Dev(-iantArt). :)

      Pokémon designs are very cute.

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    Ah neato beans. I'm glad people are doing this journal thingy its fun to learn about others! Pokemon is quite lovely, its not my fav mon series (that honor goes to Digimon) but its certainly a really good series of games.

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      It's more interesting than I expected, as Weasyl's journals have quite simple layouts in comparison to Dev's over-the-top ways of working their site.

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      Forgot to add this because I was trying to think of something intelligent to say:

      I really like Digimon for its story and premise as well, but have preferred Pokémon since 2006. It's mostly Pokémon's gameplay, and I didn't understand Digimon very well until Xros Wars' release in 2010. Apparently, a new one is witnessing a release concurrent with the second half of Adventure tri. later this year.

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        :o Ah I see. Yeah I've been into digimon since it got a N.American or at least I started to warm up to it. Like a lot of ignorant N.American children I thought it was a Pokemon rip off because it ended with the suffix mon but upon learning its origins it became super obvious it had nothing to do with those games. So yeah I came to really appreciate digimon older I've gotten because for a kid's series... it really respects its audience. That's especially impressive coming from a series that literally was invented to sell toys. Pokemon has seriously fun games but I just have come to appreciate good writing as I get old if that makes any sense.

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          Digimon, whether Bandai or Toei, really respects their mixed-age audience, just as you summed up. I still don't know why people claim it's a Pokémon knock off. Some of those people switched over to bashing Yo-kai Watch for the same reason. Digimon really came a long way from selling toys.

          You're right about Pokémon's lack of a story; the gameplay isn't really as much as it was before. That's why Smogon and the CAP Project kept me interested.