Raffle? by icefyrefox

So, I made the decision to cut off my FA account. I went through and deleted everything, mainly because my art didn't stand out over there because I'm not into the furry fandom. I hardly ever got any feedback or views/favs anyway. (I really only joined because a friend suggested it as an attempt to gain followers and future commissions because I liked drawing regular animals and dragons a lot at the time.) I feel like I could do better here if there were more active users and it seems to be more welcoming to human arts.

I'll only post here, DeviantArt, and my art tumblr now.

But anywho, I kinda wanna do a raffle, kiriban, or something along those lines to try and gain more followers here (and maybe give people something to look forward to?). I've never done one before, so can anybody give me some tips/advice/suggestions on how to do one and what I could offer that people would be interested in?



25 May 2016 at 20:11:30 MDT

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    Umm, raffles are best done to showcase what you are good with/what you like or want to do. So I recommend doing that. Since a signal boost can't be a requirement (but can be an incentive) you could do something along those lines, as far as spreading the word.

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      Sounds like a good idea. :3 Maybe also a giveaway would be a nice one to consider too. Thank you for the feedback! ^-^