Thanks :) by LudoCrow

Just a quick update before I clock in for the night but I want to thank everybody who started watching me here, your support is greatly appreciated :)

Stuff are a bit quiet at the moment as I'm still busy producing art and sort of still trying to get stuff back to normal despite rl disaster in the house(long story told short: drainage pipe clogged by tree roots is not a fun thing) but I may have some more stuff to pay soon. In the meanwhile, draw a werewolf day(aka: the full moon) has been a good occasion to get another digital painting/werewolf picture completed and posted here.

Thanks :)


24 May 2016 at 22:36:48 MDT

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    Always nice to see more folks on Weasyl <: hang in there!

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      I always have hanged in here ^^

      If anything I always felt it was much easier to upload art here, mechanically at least, than both DA or FA(especially with the image resolution limit on FA without the sometimes botched auto-resizing that gives a scale that never pleased me) so it always made it very easy for me to maintain the gallery in my opinion.