What comes after V? by DarkLord75253

Hello Weasyl peeps! Aside from just having fun saying that, I wanted my first post to be an introduction to those who don't know me or have never heard of me as well as a friendly greetings to those interweb veterans who live online as much as I do. For those whom have never encountered DarkLord75253, you are obviously virtually handicapped. Fair warning: Trolls are but chewing gum for the Rockbiter; so save your butthurt and whining.

For many years my virtual home has been at Deviantart, but as of lately, the corporate claws have started to cause an itch and my interests are beginning to waver. I joined Weasyl as part of a fan following of Martha <3 Even so, I hope to find friends and points of interest for myself here. I most frequently post journals, but occasionally I do have a digital work or two on the burners. I am open-minded to trades or commissions, but rarely beseeched for such things.

Considering as how this site is still in Beta, I look forward to seeing if I can help push things along as is my tendency by prescience alone. At times I can seem eccentric and even completely out of my mind, but I assure you that the lines of sanity are not clear cut. I hold a very profound grasp of introspection and whilst much of what I have to express may be lost in translation... I bid you not to discount my rantings so easily. I write weird things that come to mind in attempt to reach out to the masses, providing a character of sorts to relate to, familiar situations along with unorthodox resolutions, as well as guidance/advice for those who didn't know they wanted/needed it.

Watch your first steps... they can be disturbingly deep.

Aside from a standard declaration and greeting, this first journal here on Weasyl marks(for me and probably others to come) new avenues, new outlets, and indeed a new community to explore. Step lightly now and tread not on my dreams, for I am more powerful than you can imagine. Lest annihilation sweep the world and the Nothing devour all that you know of dreams, be kind and generous to those you don't know. Imagination and love is all that will save what will be made; without wisdom and understanding, all that is, can be unmade.

What comes after V?


5 March 2013 at 19:30:13 MST

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