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Purrmaid Kickstarter LIVE! by kikidoodle

My special project, the purrmaid plush, is now live on Kickstarter!!! Go check it out!

Purrmaid Kickstarter LIVE!


22 May 2016 at 21:16:53 MDT

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    I'm so excited, they're adorable! I'm gonna get whichever tier gets me a Purrmaid first thing next paycheck, haha.

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      YAAY! Also, Kickstarter doesn't actually charge you until July 4th (when my Kickstarter ends) so keep that in mind when you back!

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        I'll throw the money on my Paypal card then so I don't need to worry about it.

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    I'm with brightfire on this, they're SO CUTE! Does the tier price include the cost of shipping the items or is that extra? I've never done a Kickstarter before!

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      Shipping is not included BUT if you click on a tier, it should tell you how much shipping is based on your location. I spent a lot of time estimating out shipping costs to work out what would be fairest/fastest for everyone. For the regular purrmaid tier, if you're US shipping is only $5 extra.

      If you're international, consider finding a friend who also wants a purrmaid as shipping doesn't actually change between getting 1 purrmaid, 2, or 2 and all the purrmaid items!

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        Oh, cool! Thanks for that info, very handy!