Terms Of Service by Headsandtailsstudios

You will have to read and agree to the TOS here in our new Google Form before commissioning us for anything.

However, we will leave the entire TOS post here for you to read through at your leisure.

First and foremost,

  • These fursuits and fursuit parts are NOT toys. They are to be worn and used in the manner that they were intended. Any injury to yourself or others while wearing/using items from us is your responsibility. Being careful and respectful of yourself and those around you is of huge importance.

Moving on...

  • Getting StartedYou must agree that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are younger than 18, you will need a parent's consent before contacting us about a commission. Once a first payment is made, we are assuming you have not lied about your age, and that you have had parental consent/ are 18 or older.By commissioning us, you are stating that you own the character that you have commissioned. If we are suspicious of your ownership, then you must provide proof that the character is indeed yours. If it is discovered that the character does not belong to you, all work will stop on the suit, you will be refunded as we see fit, (if a lot of work has been completed, we may not refund you at all) and the owner of the character will be notified.A ref is needed for almost all commissions. For partial suits, we require at least a front and back ref. For full suits, we require a 3 point turnaround ref (unless there are no markings on the sides, then a front/back is fine)It is preferred that all ref sheets are SFW. If for some reason all you can provide is a NSFW ref sheet, then you MUST tell us first.If some parts of your ref sheet are not 100% clear, please let us know! We want your suit to look the way you imagine it, so small markings may get lost in most ref sheets. DO NOT be afraid to send us lots of images and details.Quotes are always open, and we are happy to give them out. However, your initial quote will expire after 30 days and at that time, if you are still interested, you will need to get a new quote from us.

We accept paypal, money order, and cashier checks for all non-local payments.
Check and cash accepted for LOCAL payment only.
Payment plans are accepted for any item or items totaling $400 or more. Anything less than that, and we will require full payment. (we can and will make exceptions to this assuming contact is made and a plan is discussed)
We require a 40% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment for all items up front. This will pay for supplies and lock you into your slot for commissions. If you choose to back out of your order, you will NOT receive any refund.
You are more than welcome to pay more than the required 40% up front. If you choose to do so, you may ask for a refund any time before work has started on your commission. However, you will NOT receive the initial 40%.
If a payment plan is needed, then it will be discussed and drawn up before any payment has been made. Once you have agreed to a payment plan, you must stick to it. There is a one week grace period surrounding each payment date. Once that grace period has run out, your commission will be put on hold and contact will be made.
After one month of no payment/contact, we will assume you have canceled your order. Once an order is canceled, work will stop on the project, and it will be taken apart/sold at our discretion. You will not receive any refund after work has begun on your commission.
If you are unable to make your payment on time, you MUST let us know. If you do not set up a new payment date, we will contact you with one.
For all payment plans, we expect minimum monthly payments of $200. (if for some reason you can not afford this, please contact us and we can work with you)

Your 40% down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE
If for any reason you have to back out of your commission, void your contract with us, or cancel a commission at any time, and payments beyond your down payment have been made, then you will be refunded the additional payments in full minus any work that has begun on your commission.
For example: You have made your down payment plus a second payment of $100. Supplies have been purchased, you are locked into a queue spot, and the handpaws have been completed for your commission. You decide to cancel your commission. The price of the handpaws will be deducted from the $100 refund that you stand to get back. HOWEVER you have paid for the finished items! if suit parts are finished when you cancel your order, and you would like them, you may have them!
Again the initial 40% down payment that you have made will always remain NON-REFUNDABLE.
If your commission was canceled by us for any reason (you were being rude, malicious, or harassing our staff) you will NOT receive any refund and your commission will be taken apart and/or sold at our discretion.

  • ShippingShipping prices are never included in the price of an item unless stated otherwise. They are an additional cost, and are the responsibility of the commissioner. At the time of your order, when a quote is given for your item/s, a shipping price will also be given out. That price is non-negotiable and will be paid in full before any item/s are shipped out. We only ship with the United States Postal Service. Our packages are shipped with tracking information. If you would like a different courier, then you may suggest one. Once you choose to use a different courier, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. If you have not chosen a different courier, and your item arrives to you damaged, please let us know right away and provide photos. You can send the damaged item back within 10 days of receiving it, and it will be repaired free of charge, then shipped back to you with a refund for the secondary shipping. This does not apply to international orders, as we can not control any damage that may come from customs.

-Progress on your commission
Progress photos will be uploaded as they are taken, and you will be notified each time. If you would like any changes made, you must contact us with a new change. If the commission is already in a late stage, there will be an additional fee determined by the severity of the changes. Changes will not be made and work will stop on the project until this fee is paid. If you would like additional photos at different stages of development, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you.
Some suits are worked on at the same time as other suits. While others are worked on in the order that they are received. We will do our best to keep an updated queue list on our FurAffinity page. (which is public. you do not need to have an account to view our page) You may contact us with questions as to where you stand in the queue list.

There is a limited lifetime warranty on your new suit!
If at any time your item becomes worn or damaged, you can contact us for repairs.
Shipping an item to us for repairs is the responsibility of the commissioner, and is non-refundable. Before an item is shipped out, we will discuss the extent of the damage, and we will send you a quote of what it will cost to fix/replace the item in question. The repair fee is to be made up front and in full before the item is shipped. Any item that is shipped to us for repairs will not be our responsibility if it is lost, stolen, or further damaged.
We also make discounted second hand suit modifications!
If you have purchased a Heads&Tails suit from another person, and it doesn't fit just right, you may contact us and see about a modification. You will be given a discount and any questions you may have about the suit will be answered to the best of our abilities.
*If you make ANY modifications to your suit in any way, you have voided any and all warranties on the suit. We will no longer take it back for free repairs, and the customer will have to arrange a repair price and time with us before sending any item to us.
*if a suit, or suit part is sent to us with suspected body fluids, smells, or stains, we will NOT fix your suit, it will be sent back, and your warranty will be voided.

  • Harassment
    If you are harassing us in any way shape or form, we will give you ONE warning. If you continue to harass us, we will stop work on your commission, break contract with you, refund any money (if applicable, and excluding 40% down payment) and send you a message with a reason for why we feel like we are being harassed.
    Harassment includes but is not limited to the following:
    *constant messaging about commission progress
    *pestering about commission progress in person (at meetups, conventions, parties, etc)
    *sending people to be rude, malicious, annoying, etc online, in person, or in any other manner
    *being rude or malicious online, in person, or in any other matter
    *creating slander against our business (come to us first with any problems. we are here to help you)
    *advising people to block/report any personal social media accounts not under the H&T name (personal furaffinity, personal facebook, personal twitter, etc)
    -We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!
    We will stop payment and refund any money available (excluding the 40% down payment) to customers who are malicious, rude, or flaky. We are doing a service for you, but this does not mean that we are your personal slaves.
    If your design is too complicated for our skill, we will kindly refuse your commission. We do not want to give you a product that is not the best it can be because of our skill level. If we refuse a commission, we will ALWAYS give you a reason why.

  • Allergy Warnings
    All of the fur we use is 100% synthetic fur.
    However, we have a dog, snakes, and an aquarium. Our supplies are stored in an area were the animals can not contaminate them, and we have other places we can work in that do not contain animal hair. But, because we do have these animals living in the same house as our supplies are stored, we can not guarantee the absence of animal hair or dander. If you need a 100% pet free home, please find another maker to commission.
    When required, we use Fimo and Sculpey brand clays in some of our work. If you are allergic to these items, please refer us to a brand that you are happy with and we will be glad to use it in your project. All extraneous costs for specialty items will be added on to the initial quote and are the responsibility of the customer.

Finally, contact between the commissioner and ourselves is essential.
Please feel free to contact us in any of the ways listed below.


Terms Of Service


22 May 2016 at 16:28:25 MDT

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