Preparing for Off Grid Life! Starting Iron Artist! by noki

Making my preparations to go off grid! Started my list, gathering supplies ... I leave in two months. Beginning of May. I'm so unimaginably excited! This is my dream! I won't be able to stay over the winter because there's a lack of winterized shelters, but I will out there for 5 months - until the end of September. I'm going mostly to help out my pregnant friend, who owns the place. There's a lot of work to be done out there, it'll be a busy season! We've got to dig a garden, put in a root cellar, and build a chicken coop. And go for lots of hikes and contemplate the meaning of life around a campfire or by candlelight. :)

There is no internet out there. In fact, the only power source is a single solar panel that can charge a laptop on a good sunny day and keep phones charged on a regular basis. They borrow a generator for the power tools, but it's not theirs to keep. ;) I figure I'll drop in every now and then while we're in the city, using wifi from coffee shops. Or I might turn my phone into a hotspot on the land and use my plan data - but I have to be very careful with that option. I'll have a better picture of what will go on with my internet presence when I get there, but basically, it's safe to assume that I will be offline for 5 months. I won't be back until the end of September, and I will probably make an appearance at Rainfurrest. I've been working on the travel plans.

So partially because I'll be gone for 5 months and partically because I need to take as much money as possible with me for supplies and as an emergency fund, I'm running an Iron Artist for the next 2 months. There will be 50 sketch/lineart slots, 10 badge slots, and 10 Furcadia portrait/Icon slots ONLY. That's about a piece per day and a portrait per week. I will be closing ALL OTHER commissions other than the Iron Artist options. Those take the least amount of time for me so I'm pretty confident I'll be able to keep up, and it would all be severely jeopardized if I took other commissions as well.

This could be your last chance to get my art for over half a year. :) Sketches will be $4.00 and I can add flat colors for you for an extra $2.00, Lines will be $7.00 and flats added to that for an extra $4.00. These are 4x6" 300DPI digital pieces (1200x1800 pixels). $10 for a digital or traditional badge. I can email OR print and ship the digital badges... I always ship traditional badges. In either case the cost includes lamination and a clip. Shipping is extra, typically not more than $5 - OR if you're going to FurEh or Rainfurrest you can pick up there. Furcadia portraits are $10.00 for non-remapping and $15.00 for remapping, and icons for $5.00. These are all Canadian Dollars! (CAN) If you want two characters, that's double the price. Please no 2-character portraits or icons - but connecting are okay. Connecting count as 2 slots and 2 portraits, so cost the same as 2 individuals.


Preparing for Off Grid Life! Starting Iron Artist!


5 March 2013 at 11:05:08 MST

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    Oooh...I think I might need to get a sketch or two from you. What's the best way to contact you? Note or email or comment?

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      I'll drop you a note!

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    I think I'd like to order a colored lineart.

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      I will note you!