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Being a Copycat on Shay and Achilles :3c

  1. We all know what we call you, what about the folks at home? What's your name?

    Since my real name is Neo, most of the people call me like that, some few still use my childhood name, which would be Dave.

  2. How tall are you?

    About 173 cm

  3. Natural hair color?

    A very very VERY dark brown, but not black as most people would think.

  4. What about eye color?

    Also quite dark brown, though if you look long enough into them they seem to be quite bright actually.

  5. What orientation are you?

    I'm my own orientation :P

    I always say "Love comes around in many ways", so who knows?

  6. Are you single, taken, or undecided?

    Single and very undecided. Part of me wants to be mated while most of the time I don't need someone.

  7. What do you do in your spare time?

Cooking, drawing, traveling, randomly dancing around or actually planning routines. Otherwise watching random videos and animes online.

  1. What's your job?

    I'm a Media and Print Designer, or rather in an apprenticeship for it, first year.

  2. What's one thing you like about yourself?

    I'm quite good at coming up with stories and ideas right from the spot. Doesn't mean its a good idea or story though.

  3. Alright, now what about something you dislike about yourself?

    Being very lazy and putting myself under stress because of that.

  4. What's some things your friends noticed about you when they first met you?

    I don't look like your typical German guy.

  5. Of what faith/religion are you(if any at all?)

    I believe in many things, religion is none of it though.

  6. Do you drink?

    Rare occasion drinker, but then only one glass/sip or whatever.

  7. Do you smoke?


  8. What are your fears?

    Being alone forever.

  9. What are your dreams/goals?

    Travel around the world to see friends and places, being successful with what I do while being myself.

  10. Ever had any crushes/ex's in the past/present?

    I do, and those people might know it as well ;)

  11. Who's your best bud?

    That'd be Keenora on the male side and Kuro on the female one. Even though we don't talk that much online at times, we mostly go along pretty well when we're together. Even though we tease and annoy each other pretty much at times!

  12. Alright, you got the cravin' for munchies, what'cha reachin' for?

    Would love to have a big salmon and lemon salad right now! <3

  13. Favorite drink?

    I go nuts for J20 from the UK and Snapple juices, as well as Arizona Icetea and German rootbeer.

  14. Favorite color?


  15. If you had any super power, what would it be?

    Jump as high as I want and fly around so traveling would be easier and cheaper!

  16. Favorite movie?

    Over the Hedge.

  17. Least favorite food?


  18. Quick! You have only one meal left before you die!!! What is it?

    I'll have the biggest plate of Sushi please!

  19. What do you drive/wish you drove?

    I am allow to drive a moped, tower crane and a pallet transporter, and I wished I could drive a motorbike someday.

  20. Most disliked bug?

    Everything that is able to sting you in any way!

  21. Most hated pet peeves?

    Splitting the bill at a restaurant. I don't need that much food, so why do I need to pay for other peoples food? D:

  22. Dislike in life?

    Time differences. I'm serious.

  23. Most annoying?

    Those "Let-me-show-my-friends-how-awesome-I-am-by-annoy-others-or-make-fools-out-of-them" people.

  24. Most disliked TV show?

    A LOT of them, be it reality TV, casting shows or Yellow Press shows (that's not even a word I know).

Get to know me better...


4 March 2013 at 14:40:30 MST

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    This has been an interesting read bud. I think I will add mien here to.

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    I think i'll do one of these as well. (when I have the time, that is.)

    BTW (that is 'by the way' as an acronym): did you use 'notepad' to write this? because I've been using notepad to write a story and it shows up in the same format.

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      It's been quite a while since I've made this, so I have no clue!
      Might be Microsoft Word though, if I'm not mistaken.

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        ah, it's just how this site processes it, I found that out a while ago.