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This comic is the work of five furry artists, titled 'Catastrophe', a romantic story about the life and love interests of an anthropomorphic cat named Milo who finds himself working on an anthropomorphic horse ranch for an entire summer.

The focus of this comic is on the ups and downs of Milo's romantic life, and will be quite erotic.

With increased funding we hope to release more and more pages per week, with a total of between 700 and 1000 pages with the total number of pages depending in part on sponsorship. Also if the whole project goes well we hope to publish this comic in paper format.

The more support we receive the more time we can put into the project, and the more we can make! Supporters also get TWICE the number of pages than available here and at higher resolution!

CATastrophe Information!


14 May 2016 at 18:42:43 MDT

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    I'd rather not provide my mailing address, but this seems to be required. Is there a way around this?

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      We, personally, don't mail anything physically to an address - it may be that the site's payment methods check the billing address against the details you provide, so it would be your prerogative on if the details you give them are correct for security purposes.

      If you are concerned about making payments through either site you can get hold of our user manager via the contact details given on either page and discuss private payment options via direct paypal methods. It is difficult for us to track monthly payments to our distribution server and rewards for accounts that are not registered with either Swaggerdile or Paypal though.