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Patreon Launch by dice

It's official, I'm on patreon!

I know, I know, patreon doesn't have the best reputation among some furries, but I'm not using this as a paywall to porn!

In fact, it's just a way for you guys to support my work in even a small way, and have a little fun while you're at it! I'll be uploading sketches in two categories per month (only one category this month). Each month, you'll have the chance to vote on which sketch will be completed as an illustration. If you pledge $5 or more, you'll be able to submit ideas at the end of the month for sketches to include in the voting! I've included a $25 pledge level with a limited amount of slots that gets you a real, physical sketch shipped to your door!

I even have a monthly support goal- once I hit $250 a month, a third sketch category will appear- fanart! Any and all furry themed fanart will be included... pokemon, digimon, star fox, mlp, and any others you can think of!

So please, go forth and pledge! I'm excited to launch this, and be able to work on stuff for you guys even more! :)

Patreon Launch


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    Congrats! I hope it does well for you :D