E-Mail Contact List for FWA, MCFC, and AnthrOhio Commissions by Tikikata

I am now on summer hours, so commission work will be beginning this week! Below is a list of commission clients that I have contacted and are in progress of contacting. Please let me know as soon as possible if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from me!

Update: All commissions have been added to my public queue!

Furry Weekend Atlanta [Estimated Completion: MAY]

  • Nee-J [CONTACTED] ✔
  • honeypup [CONTACTED] ✔
  • MonsterMeds [CONTACTED] ✔
  • ivathevengeful [CONTACTED] ✔
  • toddwolfox [CONTACTED] ✔
  • shizari-kun [CONTACTED] ✔
  • reynard [CONTACTED] ✔
  • procyontehraccoon [CONTACTED] ✔
  • kanza [CONTACTED] ✔
  • worgenqueen [CONTACTED] ✔

Motor City Fur Con [Estimated Completion: JUNE]

  • stegosaurusxrex [Not Contacted]
  • hedgehogurbie (x2) [Not Contacted]
  • whuffypet [Not Contacted]
  • aether_praxis [Not Contacted]
  • tumtarum [Not Contacted]
  • kitsuma-kun (GLFC Pre-Order*) [Not Contacted]
  • doodle-dee [Not Contacted]
  • littlecitra [Not Contacted]
  • crimsonblizzard [Not Contacted]
  • teez [Not Contacted]
  • qara [Not Contacted]
  • lorddexx [Not Contacted]
  • zorrofeta [Not Contacted]
  • psykozombi [Not Contacted]
  • owlboy17 [Not Contacted]
  • mikaaoki [Not Contacted]
  • reaperbat [Not Contacted]
  • canisgray [Not Contacted]*Will be completed for GLFC pick-up in May!!

AnthrOhio [Estimated Completion: JULY]

  • patrick [CONTACTED] ✔
  • pixel [Not Contacted]
  • vulpesfuluus [Not Contacted]
  • seek lynx [Not Contacted]
  • sergeant [Not Contacted]
  • carbine fox [Not Contacted]

E-Mail Contact List for FWA, MCFC, and AnthrOhio Commissions


10 May 2016 at 14:19:50 MDT

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