When They Say No by Niji Tenshi

Okay, I've got a bit of a grievance.

I understand people want to be cuddly and fun and affectionate in the fandom, but you need to learn your limits. If someone tells you they (or their character) don't like to be touched, please don't push it, especially if they are trying to be polite about it. For many people their characters represent who they are, and this verbal assault of "They need hugs" "I wanna yiff them" "They need my AHEM in their AHEEEEMMM" needs to stop.

If you wouldn't force a hug on someone in person, don't force one on them online either or their characters, show some respect, please, I'm getting very tired of having this conversation with people, especially when I try to be as polite as possible and have to say "no" various times.

Don't be a creep
Respect people's boundaries not just about them and their bodies but their CHARACTERS
Respect that not everyone role plays
Learn how to take a hint
Don't be a d-bag

There are better ways to get someone's attention/gain their friendship.

When They Say No

Niji Tenshi

10 May 2016 at 05:38:16 MDT

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    This is an unfortunate problem that exists everywhere :v Especially on the internet "because it's just words on a screen" >.>

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      Yeah, it's something that should be addressed and shouldn't be tolerated.

      Like "I have told you, no, several times" makes me think of a rapist tbh, same principle -___-

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    Who keeps saying they want to fuck you or your character?

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      It isn't just sexual, it's about touching in general, people not respecting boundaries period