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Hello everyone. I'm new to Weasyl. Kinda excited about this website. Hoping for the best. So I thought I'd come on over and check it out. Hopefully it's better than paigeworld was. >>;

Anyways, I'd love to get to know some of you, so feel free to message me or add me if you like. ❤

New here on Weasyl


9 May 2016 at 01:41:07 MDT

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    Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy it here. It's a fairly nice community and I'm always happy to see it grow.

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      How long have you been on the site? Nice is definitely a good thing to hear. ^^

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        I had an account before it was known as weasyl. I think since 2011.

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          Wow! What was it known before it's re-name? I might have heard of it before. The first art site I ever was apart of was Fanart Central. But I wasn't an artist then submiting. Just one of those people admiring fanart and stuff. I'd post there too now, but I think I remember being annoyed by having to wait for someone to approve my art before it posted.

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            It was under the name Furgal before it became an open beta.

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              Oh I've never heard of that. xD

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    welcome to weasyl :3