Secret bounding by CCritt93

Lately I have been assembling a Secret bounding ensemble.

I hear some of you asking, “Eh? What, pray tell, is a bounding ensemble?”

Well, it’s an outfit of casual clothes assembled to evoke a particular character, only more subtly than in full-on cosplay. The most prominent example (and maybe the origin) of the phenomenon is Disneybounding, but theoretically bounding doesn’t have to be limited to Disney characters.

So I have found a few items—some retail, some at thrift shops—that kinda approximate Secret’s palette, from a plain navy blue baseball cap to light brown work boots.

Then tonight I realized that a red sweater and a yellow polo already in my closet could be the beginnings of a Morocco bounding.

And in case anyone wonders, no, mere bounding will not get you into the fursuit parade. But it could make for an interesting convention panel if anyone wants to run with the idea.

Secret bounding


4 May 2016 at 22:24:37 MDT

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    Don't forget the fez!

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      And the means to “levitate” it! Like attaching it to one antenna of a deelybobber and removing the other one.