What I think may have happened... by Prophet-Prophet

...With the Whole "Catholicism" thing.

Disclaimer: to atheists, since you already don't believe any of this, it will have absolutely no meaning to you.

So cease reading, unless you actually are curious.

Point One: I'm assuming God is an omnipresent Thoughtform that subtends all conceivable forms of being, not a "Man in the sky" -- who The "Real One" only allows to think that He's in charge.

(And further, that thoughtform, the moment any being comes up that says "I am the one" is immediately negated as being inherently self-delusive.)

Point two: This being decided to manifest as a Hyper-erotic pigeon that was so enchanting it seduced a Human Woman.

(And I have this as a character for brave Avian-loving Roleplay Primates. ut.)

Thus, I argue my opinion here: I think there were countless "Maries" who had sex with countless Avian emanations of Thought-God, and that Mary of The Bible just became omnipowerful when she killed The Man in The Sky, and propped up His corpse in all the "Hallucinations" where He's been seen. And by killing Him, unleashed His Pigeon spirit to a secret life of Avian Homo-erotica.

Making God The very first "Furry" by extension.

But Meanwhile, Mary has become the Ultimate power in Existence, a super-powerful being I call, "Mary Sue".

And so She covered up all the other "Sons of God" so only Hers would get big bill for A-number One Messiah-hood.

This Name seems apt, since her power is to "Sue" anyone into absolute submission to Her will should they misrepresent Her, even Death.

So much so, that a person could bedevil themselves into killing a "false mary" while the real one gets away by going into a plane noone can reach but Her.

Case in point: The magazine that flashed an image of Her in a Bikini - Beings like me know that the original was supposed to be naked.

But obviously, she couldn't allow them to do something like that.

(Especially as they didn't pay up front beforehand.)

So she Mary-sued them, and so they only put the bikini version, and then the nontroversy that followed made everyone forget it even more.

That and the apathy to religion she's started to program into everyone, so they never figure out the game she's playing.

Including in The Most Sane response to this Journal.

(And, just to include something I realize is perfect to piss-take here: Read SCP-001, the most recent One, and see the epitome of Mary Sues. And note: If you're a real Mal-vulture, You Know our Mary made that Mary, and not the other way around except also the other way around since it's an eternal and self-feeding cycle from which the only escape is the sweet emotionless embrace of Buddha [ignore that part, someone else put that.] )

What I think may have happened...


3 May 2016 at 10:15:38 MDT

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