Just as the title says, I have decided to reopen for custom yarn tail commissions!

For examples of my work, please peruse my gallery!

Just some brief things to help you get a quote:
Tails come in three widths--thin, medium, and large. So the wider the tail, the poofier in overall circumference.
Thin tails are best for felines or smaller mammals. Medium is great for canines. Large is good for snow leopards or very fluffy, exaggerated tails.
The bigger and longer the tail, the heavier it will be.
Most feline tails are great at around 25 inches. Canines are best around 18-20, generally.
Thin wides are $2.75/in, medium are 4.75/in, large are 6.75/in. All prices USD. Includes anti-mat treatment to reduce matting.
Shipping is $10-15 within the US (Priority Mail) or generally $15-30 International. Brushes and carabiners are included.

Guard hairs are slim, longer hair-like fibers that go over the main fur on a tail. For example, this tail is entirely white furred but features black guard hairs:
Adding guard hairs offers great realism and is only $10-20 depending on tail size and complexity.

Guard hairs and yarn-fur are available in a great variety of colors. In a realistic tail I will likely use many shades and tones. There is no additional charge for multiple colors unless it's quite excessive/colors that I rarely use.

[b]I am open for what I will call BATCH 1 of tails. These tails will be completed by November 20, 2016, and so should be received in time for Midwest FurFest. Delivery at-con is also an option, please let me know if you would like that as you will not pay shipping then.[/b]

Batch 1 [u]will close[/u] for quotes on May 11 or when the amount of tails that I think I can get done within the timeframe has been met.

Either 50% of the full tail cost must be paid upfront or full payment can be made at once if you wish to get it out of the way. The other 50% is due upon completion and your tail will not be shipped until it is paid off. You will be sent an Invoice via Paypal once you decide how you want to pay it.

Must be of legal age to buy a tail or a guardian must make the purchase for you.

You will be notified when your tail is begun, and will receive progress pictures halfway through for you to request changes at that point. Then images upon completion to make certain all is just as you would like!

I am kind of rushing to get this out, so if I have neglected anything please just ask. However, feel free to fill out a quote form even if you are just interested in a price. It's the least confusing way to know the range you are looking at for what you would like!

Thank you so much, and I hope that I can make some lovely tails for you!



2 May 2016 at 16:49:07 MDT

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