Mobility by Threetails

While I don't know its condition yet, it is very likely that by mid-May I will have largely unrestricted access to a van. Our incoming roommate has one but hates driving so I'll probably be behind the wheel most of the time.

If anyone in the Portland area needs stuff moved, I may soon be in a position to help. A bit of cash for fuel and a little extra besides is all I need.

This will also breathe new life into my antique business, which hasn't done well with Etsy sales (figuring shipping costs is a major pain in the ass). I will be shifting my emphasis to direct sales at local venues.

I might also look for work a bit more enthusiastically knowing I can commute more easily. You wouldn't think it in a bike-friendly light rail town, but not having a vehicle is a serious disadvantage out here. One of the favorite dick moves employers like to pull is to offer you an interview in a few minutes or hours. If you can't make the earlier time, they'll still schedule you but you usually won't get the job.

It's not my favorite job, but I would consider taking work delivering pizza since I know it's work I can stand and a van can take the big deliveries (100+ pizzas to parties and the like). Big deliveries usually mean big tips, meaning I could score a lot for a minimum-wage part-time job and start replenishing my poor neglected savings account.

I figure one way or another, I can find a way to earn some cash after five years of struggling.



28 April 2016 at 14:07:50 MDT

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