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Commissions and my health: Please Read. by Danaume

So I saw a specialist regarding my wrist yesterday, and they ran a nerve conduction test to see if I actually have carpel tunnel or not. Good news, I don't. I won't need surgery. Bad news, that doesn't make the pain not real. There is only one thing that mimics all the symptoms of carpel tunnel that isn't carpel tunnel, and that's tendon and cartilage damage from repetitive use causing inflammation. If I'm lucky, it's all in the tendons, and rest, using a different brace, physical therapy, and taking ibuprofen will resolve the issue in a few months. If I'm unlucky, and it's all in the cartilage, then it becomes a form of permanent arthritis.

The doctor's professional opinion, 'Change careers', meaning abandon art.

I'm not ready to do that, but I am going to take a long break from art and video games. At least a few months.

So effective immediately, COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED.

I have 3 commissions in the pipe, in varying degrees of approved and paid for, and I will be finishing those. I will also be finishing the two story contest prizes at Piper's Domain, but I'm not taking any further commissions for several months at least. I will let everyone know if/when I open my cue again.

Thank you.

Commissions and my health: Please Read.


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    Doctors sure do say "Change careers" a lot, I've noticed. It's such a fucking stupid thing to say. "Give up your whole life's training and work and just start over, how hard can it be?"

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    Have you asked about thoracic outlet syndrome?

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      I do have some whiplash, so it's not impossible, though I don't have any of the shoulder and upper arm swelling or discoloration that usually presents with that...

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        Doesn't always have to be, sometimes the muscles get locked in tightened positions anywhere from the brachial plexus to the Scalenes along the neck, pinching the brachial nerve and causing symptoms similar to carpal tunnel.

        If you get the chance, go see a massage therapist that specializes in rehabilitative therapies, and ask if they can find areas of tightness around those two points. ^^;; its about the only advice I can offer

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    Please get to feeling better soon Miss Dana.