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Update - Conventions by Fyger

So now that we're less than a month away from one of them, figure I should post on the Conventions I'll be attending this year and what is going on precisely with them.

I will be attending Fur-Eh (Edmonton) and What The Fur (Montreal) this year as a Convention Liaison for Amoryllis Studios, as run by Amoryllis .

What this means is I'll be mostly situated in the dealer's den for the cons but may pop out from time to time, though would greatly appreciate people dropping by.

Fur-Eh is local so might room with some friends and will wander a lot more, possibly driving to grab food and stuff round.

What The Fur is going to be solo for me, so I'll be handling the booth by myself, which also means I have a room to myself at this time. I AM looking to have a roommate for the con (or more depending on arrangements) though they will need to be vetted as I'm handling merchandise that isn't my own. I will post more details about the room arrangements as that is finalized.

Update - Conventions


13 April 2016 at 18:13:31 MDT

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