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"How This All Happened" DVD FAQs by ClamDog

Crossposted from Kabangeh's FA Journal:

I've seen the same questions popping up so I figured I'd do an FAQ. If there's anything you've been curious about that it's listed here don't be afraid to ask!

What is "How This All Happened?"

"How This All Happened" is a feature length animated adult movie about a weekend trip gone sexual. The tone is very positive and fun and it doesn't take itself seriously. The content leans towards the softcore side of things but the content includes: Banging in a bunch of positions between 5 different chill, casual characters who think sex is fun, cute gravure scenes, sneaky outdoor sex, sneaky indoor public sex, some light bondage, ASMR, a fivesome and all that entails.

It's the first production of clamdog clamdog

Are there any gay scenes?

This particular movie is aimed at the hetero demographic.

What is "Clam Dog Studio"

It's a studio established so we can continue to do these kinds of projects under a label. We're hoping it can also be a mark of a quality product.

Is "How This All Happened" a video game?

No, but I am working on a little of that sort of thing.

Is there a story and are there voices

Yes, I know the claim was made and we tooted the horn pretty hard on the quality of the voice actors. The voice acting is great. We've got a few pros and a few amateurs picked from around 100 auditions.

Stupid me cut together a voiceless trailer based around cutting to music. I even put dialogue scenes IN the trailer with flapping lips but no voices. I'm going to be releasing at least 4 more trailers and each will have dialogue in it.

As for the story, yes there is a story. I'm not going to make any wild claims about the quality of that. It takes place over the course of two days and there are 7 sex scenes between 5 conveniently DTF animal people so really what are you looking for in this story?

How is "How This All Happened" made?

90% of what you see was made in Blender. It seems like there isn't much that Blender can't do and since the software is free that's also pretty rad.

This particular project was written, designed, modeled, rigged, animated and edited by me. Normally a computer animated film would have more then one dude filling all these roles but in this case if you can see it on your screen you can thank (or blame) me.

Since late September the process has been:

1)Design characters and environments
2)Write a script to put those characters into those environments, and those characters into those other characters
3)Hire voice talent and record dialogue
4)Record motion capture
5)Animate the thing (I am here)

I've been scrapping more and more of the mocap performances, especially in dialogue scenes, instead opting to animate based on the voice performances.

Once the movie is animated I send out the disk image get to kick back. No daily trips to the post office for me. It's good to not be in charge of distribution for once.

How did "How This all Happened" happen so fast?

While there's been hints of the project in submissions, casting calls and streams we decided not to officially announce the project until the majority of it was animated. Just in case something went wrong. Hence the announcement and pre-orders opening on the same day with the release date right around the corner.

If you want to know how something like this gets off the ground and on the fast track to completion in only a couple of months, that's because I've been working my ass off every day.

I can pre-order it?

Yes you can, right here:

I am skeptical, especially considering the pre-orders.

I understand completely. I never take a creator's word on anything ever. Especially around these parts of the internet.

We're going to be releasing screenshots, trailers, clips, everything short of the entire damn movie in an effort to convince skeptics it's the real McCoy.

After we release it we look forward to hearing reviews. At the absolute bare minimum they'll confirm it's existence, but we're gunning for positive reviews.

I'd scoff at claims of a "feature length adult movie" too if I wasn't looking at it every day.

"How This All Happened" DVD FAQs


9 April 2016 at 07:31:48 MDT

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