The final amount for Kottecentralen revealed! by NordicFuzzCon

We are happy and proud to announce the final amount that was raised for our charity, Kottecentralen, at NFC 2016:

55 000 Swedish kronor!

Yet again our incredibly generous attendees have risen to the occasion, as we've yet again broken last year's collection record! Our charity, Kottecentralen, are as overwhelmed as us; and like us, they're immensely happy with the result.

We send a massive THANK YOU to each attendee who donated money! Whether it was by buying lottery tickets, bidding on art for charity in the Art Show, putting money into the donation cans, or in other ways.

We also thank everyone who donated items to the lottery and Art Show – without you it would not have been possible to raise all that money.

A further thank you goes out to everyone who went collecting with a donation can, assisted the Charity team, or in other ways helped us make it possible to raise all the money.

We're very moved to see how important this worthy cause is to all of you, and this generosity (both of spirit and of wallet) speaks volumes about the values, integrity and love of the furry community. Everyone who helped or donated should be proud of this accomplishment!

The money was formally donated to the charity on Sunday 3rd of April 2016 at noon in Gothenburg, where Kottecentralen's main base of operations is.

Below is a statement we were delighted to recieve from the charity.

Swedish version:

”Vi tackar så otroligt mycket för att ni är så underbara och tänker på djuren och valde Kottecentralen som charity. Pengarna kommer blandannat att gå till fler rehabiliteringsburar, foder, veterinär vård, mediciner med mera. Detta betyder att vi kommer att kunna ha möjlighet att hjälpa fler skadade djur som behöver rehabilitering. Tusen tack!”

English version:

“We are so very thankful that you are all so wonderful and are thinking of the animals, and that you chose Kottecentralen as your charity. The money will, among other things, go to more rehabilitation cages, fodder, veterinary care, medicine, and more. This means that we are now able to help more injured animals that need rehabilitation. Thank you so much!”

From the Charity team and all of us at NFC, we say thank you for your generosity and look forward to seeing you all again next year at NFC 2017!

The final amount for Kottecentralen revealed!


5 April 2016 at 14:11:57 MDT

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