Today's Planning by Little-Noko

Okay, so today I'll mostly focus on 3 things:

  • Coloring 2 other pages for the children book.
  • Finish the webcomic page of this week. ( all I've to do is shade thanks godness)and
  • Finish a colored sketch commission.

Even if I post lots of undertale related stuff lately I keep working on everything I have to work on. I'm sorry if I'm slow, but this children book take must of my time, and there's a deadline I must respect for it, I can't allow myself to procrastinate. And when I'm done with what I had to do with it, all I want to do is release my stress away, and sincerely, those fan art help me to hold every broken pieces of me together. They help me to explore something new and get out of my depressing daily routine.

However that doesn't mean I procrastinate over commissions, they just take me more time then usual to get done. I hope you understand.

I love you guys.
Have a nice day.


Today's Planning


5 April 2016 at 10:34:50 MDT

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    If you take your time, you will do your best. Working professionally means you are always working hard, so take care of yourself and don't stress out. :)

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      I try not too, but I hate making my customers wait for so long, I'm always thinking: I should have done more.

      But I know I have limits that I can't get over, which is even more frustrating.

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        Just do your's difficult when you want to do things, but it's never good to rush or put pressure on yourself to finish it all either. :) You can do it! :D