Weird Penny dream by CCritt93

This morning I had a strange dream about a Secret Squirrel special. I think it was a one-hour show because I tuned in somewhere near the middle.

There was one shot in outer space where an avian insignia materialized and then slowly zoomed in. I inferred that that suggested an appearance by Blue Falcon (with or without Dynomutt).

In another scene, Penny was knocked back through a door and landed against a nearby wall where Secret was sitting, evidently recovering from a similar blow moments earlier. They then looked at each other with determination.

The last scene before I woke up had Penny piloting some sort of aircraft, likely just Secret’s Really Cool Car in helicopter mode. What stood out, however, was how terribly off-model Penny suddenly looked. Her eyes were pretty much those of Peggy Hill. That was so jarring that I don’t remember even looking for her nose. And in the open cockpit there was something—well, two somethings—bouncing in the breeze due to a wardrobe malfunction. As I was starting to object to the abrupt change in animation quality, the dream ended.

Weird Penny dream


4 April 2016 at 15:59:00 MDT

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